Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Photography my hobby and so much more

Photography is a part of me.  I loved taking pictures even as a kid.  I won a photography competition when I was in 2nd grade and I was hooked.  My Uncle Mike gave me (yes I said gave) me a SLR when we were on a visit.  As soon as he found out I was interested and going to be taking photography the next year he couldn't wait to get me all hooked up.  I will never forget that he did that for me!  I mostly taught myself what I know.  I did learn the finer details in class in High School and then more in College.  I went to school for Photography and Graphic Design.  I still feel like what I learned on my own has impacted how I take photos more than what I learned in class... though input from others, and practice makes perfect.  I still look for ways to improve all the time.  Right now because life is hectic with a full family and a full time job Photography is more of a hobby.  Though I am taking steps to make this more of a living everyday.  

I love photography because I can capture a moment in time.  I can capture a feeling.  It's like being able to show someone something through my eyes. 

I look forward to sharing my love of Photography here.  What do you love about Photography?