Sunday, March 30, 2014

Ashlee Senior Pictures 2014

Introducing Miss Ashlee!  She was such a pleasure to work with!  We had quite the adventure running around town getting these great shots for her Senior Pictures.  

We started out the day at Cadillac Ranch!  All I can say is that wind was brutal, but we had fun anyway!

We then moved on to a park to try to find some refuge from the wind.  Luckily we found some great places for some pics and the wind wasn't quite as bad... 

As we were driving to our next location we were talking about how it would be great to find some cool looking graffiti walls... We literally drove right by some guys painting some walls right after this.  I went up and asked if they would mind if we used their work really quick (which they thought was pretty cool).  These made for some really cool shots!

Some of the guys painting had their bikes parked right there and they were so great and let Ashlee use this as a prop!

From here we went to some great old buildings downtown.  

We finished off with these great shots with the windmill in the background.

 I had such a great time getting to know this lovely young lady and wish you the best for your future!