Thursday, May 29, 2014

Babies and a Flower

What happens on a sunshiny afternoon when I get a wild hair to take some pictures.  I look around the house to see what and who I can find and see what we can capture.  I have babies at my house! One of my own and one that I watch for her Mamma.  So, finding someone adorable to take pictures is pretty easy!  They had fun... I had fun... it was a fun experience for all!  

I think the best part was watching them trying to figure out what the flower was.  

I love how these turned out.  I just grabbed my boys Tonka Truck.  They love to give each other rides with this truck so I thought the babies would be able to sit up in it pretty well.  

Then I looked for a good back ground.  A wooden fence always makes a nice background.

The grass adds a nice contrasting color 

Sweet babies with big bows in their hair and a Flower!  I think we did pretty good for a wild hair photo shoot! 

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